Congratulations! You are a young father or just becoming one? How cool is that! But always remember: You are a man, a friend, a husband and of course a lover as well. is your regular inspiration and source of knowledge about being a “Good Dad” written by fathers for fathers. It is about fun and hard facts, about love and high class rumor. How to remain man with style and become a role model for the eternity? We are men! We are tough! We laugh out loud! We hug hearty with all our manliness! But what about our softer moments? Are we not allowed to cry sometimes, without hiding? We are emotional and jealous, moody but still easy-going. We are perfectly imperfect. Perfect as we are, we are constantly developing …

Let’s talk about these fine topics:


Let’s get things straight! How can kids survive although self-titled “internet doctors” tell us that our boys and girls could possibly die a hundred times a day? Don’t believe everything you read. Make sure you know all the hard facts. And always remember: “Mommy is right! Always!” Go to category


Mommy is pregnant or has been given birth? Fantastic! And damn, she looks amazing! So why would you not want to make a fine impression? Do it for yourself. Do it for your lady. And please! … do it for your kids’ future photo books 😉 Discover everyday goods from fancy interior to fashion & accessories for dapper Daddys & super cool kids. Go to category


Try to say “grow, grew … gone” before your baby girl or boy became taller than you! It will happen … way to fast! So it’s time for smart apps and gadgets saving time. But also for loads of other stuff that is just fun playing with! And always remember, man: Don’t make kids cry! Give them their toys back! Go to category


Astonishing! Even “Daddy Cool” may become super emotional! It’s time to talk about our feelings! And what a surprise, we actually CAN! Go to category


It’s quite a small gap between those amazing fireworks you have ignited in the past and todays daily routine. But, do you think Mommy likes vanilla sex? Time to relight the fire, man! Who? What? Where? And how? Let’s talk about sex, baby! Zur Kategorie

ATTENTION! This Blog may be sarcastic and humorous. And just like us Daddys it is not a 100% perfectly working machine. This is a growing universe with new stories launched every few days. If you think something is wrong or not understandable feel free to talk about it with friends, family or even strangers. This is what becoming a good dad is all about. Talking to others, becoming a good man & lover and making process every day. Enjoy your stay, Daddy Cool!