With this Herschel Supply backpack groceries become a no-brainer!

Have less trouble at the cash point. With this one-hand-only backpack

When it comes to daily shopping we definitely need a backpack to carry home all the diapers, tons of fresh food and of course all the sweet little chocolate bars 😉

But, since shopping with kids already is a major task there is another big problem: Time Pressure!

We made it through all the aisles full of colors, sweets and little comic characters tracking our kids’ eyes. Now we are at the cash point. This is the most boring part for the kids.

We need to reduce time to a minimum at this point to pack all the shopping goods and get out as quick as we can before the big whining begins or crazy ideas make up their little minds.

We tested quite a lot of different backpacks and the Herschel Supply Iona Backpack is the perfect solution for us:

herschelsupply000It is all matte black from the outside, which looks really cool and manly. Style-Check: passed!

The hard facts: Super strong and adjustable shoulder straps made out of nylon make it easy to carry home about 24 Liters. That is a lot! The reinforced base makes this backpack even stronger.
herschelsupply001When opened you can handle this big boy with one hand only. And that is a major daddy benefit having unleashed kids! There are no unnecessary zippers or extra pockets. Just open it, throw in all the shopping goods, pull the cord, click the buckles (maybe with two hands). Done!

When needed there is also a key clip on the top of the inside. Keys never get lost again in any crammed side pocket.

Get it right here: Herschel Supply’s Online Shop